These are the books, documents and articles available to download or purchase, to help you gain a better understanding of Big Picture Education

Book— Big Picture: Education is Everybody’s Business by Dennis Littky

Original book about Big Picture.  Very readable with many anecdotes about real kids. Shows the impact of Big Picture, but not details of the overall model




Book—One Kid at a Time by Eliot Levine

This book has more detail than the one above, although it still focuses on the impact of  Big Picture education at The Met , the first Big Picture school.




Big Picture Education Brochure

This can be downloaded for free from the Big Picture Education USA site. This is free and has a set of compelling student stories to consider.




Book—Leaving to Learn: How Out-of-school Learning Increases Student Engagement and Reduces Dropout Rates.  Elliot Washor and Charles Mojkowski.

A great read for any educator or parent who is looking for ways in which schools can engage every student, however they learn and whatever their interest.