“One student at a time in a community of learners”


"One student at a time
in a community of learners"

The Big Picture model was designed, trialled and implemented in Rhode Island, New Jersey in the USA by Dennis Littky and Elliot Washor, who were the co-directors of The Met. The world learnt about it through the books, The Big Picture: Education is Everyone’s Business by Dennis Littky and Samantha Grabelle and One Kid at a Time: Big Lessons from a Small School by Eliot Levine (a researcher).

The purpose of Big Picture Education is to design a more engaging and relevant form of education, that will motivate and inspire young people to stay in education.

Big Picture Education is based on building each student’s learning from their base of interests and passions.  There are schools all over the world now using the model, including schools in Australia and New Zealand.